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What No Contact Services does Angi provide?

Health and safety is incredibly important to us, so we do offer no contact services for indoor assembly/installations that require pros to enter a customer’s home.

Here’s what you can expect as a customer with no contact service:

  1. Before your booking, download the Angi app to call or message your pro directly from the app.
  2. Let your pro know where the service will take place and provide entry instructions.
  3. Unlock the entry point. 
  4. Move to a different room from where the service is taking place. You and the pro should be in separate rooms at all times.
  5. Any communication during the service should be done through the app.
  6. Your pro will wait outside of your home to ensure you’re satisfied with the work.

We ask that you keep in mind best practices for promoting health and reducing the spread of any illness, as recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NHS (National Health Service). 

You can find the official guidelines from the CDC here and from the NHS here.


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